Completed Projects
Dairy Farm in Village Kuchatani

Dairy Farm in Village Kuchatani

Modern type diary producing farm is located in Kvareli Municipality, village Kuchatani. Within the scope of PPI, business entity (Ltd “Kvarlis Baga”) invested about USD 2,7 million in village Kuchatani and has created employment opportunities for locals. MDF supported the company with infrastructural works, for instance rehabilitated the access road until private property, provided water and gas supply and telecommunications. 

Such partnership is vital not only for the region but also for the whole country, especially if we take into consideration the fact that dairy production is insufficient in Georgia and market demand partially is met by imported dairy concentrates.

Before Investment


After Investment



Investor Contribution

  • Construction of Modern type dairy farm
  • Number of Jobs Created – 10




Total investment – US$ 2,742,738.00


MDF Contribution

  • Water and sewerage system installation (installation of 4 water wells);
  • Road rehabilitation from Kvareli - Lagodekhi main road to the village central road (L=2 km);
  • Power supply (200 kvt);
  • Gas supply (200 M3/day);
  • Telecommunication (1 MB/sec);
  • Arranging of 3 operating cabins for boreholes

Total Investment – Gel 377,078.33