Completed Projects
Schuchmann Wines Georgia

Schuchmann Wines Georgia

Schuchmann Wines Georgia LTD is located in Telavi region, village Kisiskhevi. In the framework of PPI, the company has invested about 500.000 GEL and created 15 workplaces. Business entity was also responsible for construction of wine cellar and expansion of existing hotel from 8 to 15 rooms. Municipal Development Fund supported the company by arrangement of road and proper water and drain water system. The cooperation between public and private sector has very productive. It has supported the development of local agriculture, created additional workplaces and attracted local and international tourists.


Before Investment

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After Investmentsc af


Investor Contribution

  • Expansion of existing hotel from 8 to 15 rooms
  • Construction of new Wine Cellar
  • Number of Jobs Created – 15

Total Investment – Gel 500,000.00


MDF Contribution

  • Water and sewerage system Rehabilitation
  • Road rehabilitation (L=885m) (W=6)
  • Gas Supply
  • Lightning 39 Units

Total Investment – Gel 791,734.00

Infrastructure works has also benefitted local communites by improvng access road and drainage for the whole village