The full form of the investment proposals

Phase Two


Full Investment proposal Form


On the basis of the filled application form, the Municipal Development Fund will contact eligible investors to deliver full investment proposal.


  • Preliminary feasibility study describing the proposed investment, economic and financial viability, environment assessment, type and estimated number of jobs to be created.
  • Detailed description and cost estimations of required public infrastructure to be provided by the Government
  • Profit/loss statements for the last 2 years
  • Proof of ownership of land/property
  • Proof of going concern (proof that entity is not under liquidation/property is not sequestrated); Evidence to show financial health of the investor/company
  • ISO/HACCP Certificates, if relevant


How to be evaluated? Evaluation System (including scoring and ranking criteria)

 After careful study of received data, the MDF will undertake the last phase of evaluation and selection process. A system of scoring & ranking criteria shown in the table below will be used:


Full investment proposals will be scored according to the scoring & ranking criteria below:



Implementation of proposals will be determined in respect with the overall score each proposal accumulates (priority will be given to the proposals with the highest scores) and the approval of the MDF Supervisory Board.

  • Maximum available score is 20 points. Proposals with less than 10 points will be rejected.
  • When the applicant indicates annual turnover, he/she is allowed to capture turnovers of other businesses owned in tourism and agro sectors.