Eligibility criteria

Phase One

Who can apply? Eligibility Criteria

Before registering business proposal via online application system, interested private investors are supposed to go through the following eligibility criteria and make a self- assessment as whether they meet the initial eligibility criteria.  Failing to meet any of these criteria will result in disqualification of the proposal.


Eligibility Criteria - Interested Private Investor acknowledges the following: 

  • The PPI program only finances provision of off-site infrastructure (road, water, sewerage, power supply and other adjacent infrastructure). It does not contribute to the private sector finance or provide equity sharing

  • Public infrastructure provided is due to be delivered up to the private property border. No interventions into private property will be validated

  • While indicating the volume of investment, applicant must be willing to represent confirmation of financial readiness for project implementation at the next stages of submission and evaluation process.  Specifically, documentation notifying whether the investor possesses all required capital or a loan is under sought from a commercial bank?

  • In case, private investor registers a start up he/she is obliged to show good track record, experience, governance and financial health of the investor/company even though it may be experience gained from the different sector not applicable to those mentioned above

  • Priority business directions are tourism and agribusiness. Proposals not meeting any of the subcategories of the sectors highlighted will not be eligible in this program

  • Land/area where the proposed investment must be privately owned

  • Ratio of self-financing private investments to those requested from government should be at least (4:1)

  • The following type of investments are prohibited-- investments in the designated protected areas; protection zones in general or individual protection zones of cultural heritage monuments; activities impacting fragile ecosystems, important habitats, and green-fields of outstanding aesthetic value; activities requiring conversion of forests, wetlands, and alpine/sub-alpine meadows; and heavily polluting industries




How to apply? Online Application Form

Once the interested investors pass the above eligibility criteria, they will need to fill in the on line application form available at: http://mdf-ppi.biz