Completed Projects
Royal Batoni Botique Hotel
Ltd Winiveria Group was established by founders of Ltd Winiveria, which has good experience in boutique style hotel and wine realization business
Schuchmann Wines Georgia
Schuchmann Wines Georgia LTD is located in Telavi Municipality, village Kisiskhevi. In the framework of PPI, the company has invested about 500.000 GEL and created 15 workplaces.
Lopota Resort
Lopota Resort is located in Telavi Municipality, village Napareuli. Within the scope of project, business entity invested about USD 500.000 and has created 50 workplaces.
Dairy Farm in Village Kuchatani
Modern type diary producing farm is located in Kvareli Municipality, village Kuchatani. Within the scope of PPI, business entity (Ltd “Kvarlis Baga”) invested about USD 2,7 million in village Kuchatani and has created employment opportunities for locals.